Monday, November 11, 2013


The nostalgic feeling tied to smell is unexplainable. The images that run through your mind so quickly bring you back to a time that once was. Sometimes it brings you to a place you used to once be. This sensation of reminiscing isn't all necessarily good. I've most definitely come across the smells that don't leave the best taste in my mouth and I can only imagine how something so little, yet so powerful can affect others.

This 'thing' came to me when I smelled the scent of a certain bush. I have no idea what type of plant it is or where it originates or any detail tied to this bush. However, this plant gives me an overwhelming sensation of comfort. I had to play detective in my own mind for a few seconds and figure out why I felt this way. Then it hit me, my grandmother's house in Oregon. This plant is the same one that lies right outside my grandmother's front door.

With that, I can take a quick second to feel the comfort and warmth of my grandmother's home that I only visit a few times a year.

It's that 'little' smell that can warm up my day.


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